Breaking free.. how deep is the twin flame connection?


If you allowed someone to see all of you to include your thoughts and actions would you fear they would leave you?  Would you fear getting hurt? Do you realize I am using a word that is created in mind made dominance on it’s own?  It keeps you from your true being.. it keeps you from being connected.  In this connection no deception, no false self, no speculation of consequences.  What do we do now? now that we know the core error that has kept us within the human body that should not only flourish as it grows, but should be around longer than 80 years to 200 years.

If you just feel your way through this you will find that you will not only impact those around you the energy essence that is within you will finally find it’s solace in being the light it came from in the beginning. It can be said that you can find someone who is your twin flame… A twin flames connection is based on this very thing. It can be felt and it can be ignited but it doesn’t mean that the mind made self that was created will now be released and transparency will now be in place.  I have been searching for what seems to be answers my whole existence here and why I am not necessarily here but why I can feel something deep within that is only a reflection of this experience and yet it seems simple inside me.  Back when I was lost I had a mind dominance that was much like any.

How did I get here, October 18, 2007 I was going to leave this place, I realized I was an evil person who was destined to have a very violent death with no need to return to this life or any other.  The choice was made it was the day that I died… and I did… what was me never returned.. I, being the word I, will use in this tense to explain that I, a very big ego and a very big boulder, I was carrying on my back.  I was living a dream that I created, and shared, never realizing that I wasn’t meant to.  It was a gift that was abused. I shared intimate connected things I felt I deserved, and was destined to have even if I had to teach it to someone.. yet this was only a very small part of a bigger thing that I truly needed… I needed to die.. this was the rebirth.. I struggled to place myself in this form.. being alien I could do nothing but smile.. cause something new happened to me, I was of the nature to be one with all and then realized all the things I did to hurt others I had to come clean with.. I started writing, I started so I could just let all the jumbled words come out to make sense.. It was a healing thing I did as I was once taught when I was younger that when you are hurt the best way to heal is to get it out and look at it.. keeping it in, you don’t know the impact of it’s nature to take you from seeing what is keeping you from this very dream.  The more I wrote the more pain I felt.. the more I read it, the more it removed this place inside me.. What did it remove exactly…

Well it removed the thought process that kept me from allowing the answers to experience this great love I knew inside me was true.. It never was spoken as loud as it did as this started happening.. The thoughts being gone when I would go to bed were out of this world.  I had none, and I would meditate and listen and allow myself to find the silence that was now within that wanted so badly to emerge, yes I said silence, for now the connection to another could be possible cause I could connect! Cause I learned to connect inside myself. How can you connect with another if inside you could not connect with self??

As I faced all the things I done, all the pain I caused I became something else. What I thought would destroy me, did just that! Imagine fireworks going off inside you as mesmerized as we are as human beings watching fire works.  Are you sure this very thing can’t happen inside you?

My thoughts destroyed me and now I was dead and the true being emerged.. Sincerity of what I had done was all within me.  A growing level of forgiveness has been spawned and now had no limitations and a level of forgiveness as never ending as a line itself.  The belief that something more was out there no longer a question cause it was now something inside of me that was more and was real to me, inside of self, inside of being.. It no longer was a dream.

What it is exactly had being (the soul itself) so evolved… I became deeply rooted.. deeply rooted…. let me explain this as the more I write, the more I can point to the root as it is exactly what connects us, Ever seen the oldest living tree in existence how strong do you think the root is??  Now imagine the oldest recorded tree is 9550 years old.  How did it live that long?   If we don’t know where to water the root you will never grow the tree or sustain the truth of existence inside the tree.

In my dreams I would actually feel planted as though in my reality became more of my dreams. Not because I thought about it, but rather I understood consciously why I had this in me.  This place inside me saw vivid moments of passion, not like dreams of moments of sexual content as I felt so drawn to pre staged of self..  but the intimate architecture of being close to someone who was in touch with themselves and oozed the passion inside of themselves that came outside to touch me and connect with me in such a way, this was to bring about the bliss that both could be lost in. How can you share this with another if you never experienced it yourself?

I always wanted this in every way and in every moment.  Yet it seemed that human existence experience outweighed the imaginative place of intimacy that was meant to be cultivated in this place.

I thought I was just like any ordinary human being everyone thought or dreamed about intimately connecting.  Yet something more real I had to experience needed to come about, cause I needed to experience not just what could be described as death itself but a great loss of all things.  This letting go of material physical expression had to be embraced.  It needed this to be one with the orgasmic explosion of life I had to find inside myself where this explosion was still exploding!

The more truth inside I gave out of myself and shared with others, something emerged from me that could be described as nothing more than a freeing of the caged dreams I have within me.  I made choices to face things straight on no matter how painful, no matter how many were affected.



This was last nights show it was very powerful the 5 of us brought energy alive…  take a listen

43 thoughts on “Breaking free.. how deep is the twin flame connection?

    • Thank you for sharing your twin flame journey with us. I met my twin flame three years ago, and when I met him my Kundalini rose and I have memories of our past lives together. I knew this was significant when I met him. Our past three years together have been turbulent to say the least. Although my twin acknowledges me at his twin and we are still energetically connected, he also is energetically connected to another woman who married another man after they met. She expressed to me that my twin and she are intended to be together on this physical plane, although I am not aware of any significant event that occurred when they met. My heart is broken as my twin told me that our turbulent relationship is not for him so I have left him physically, and he have chosen to stay connected to this married woman. Am I mistaken about my twin that I am not truly his twin, as I am struggling to leave him energetically, and cannot seem to connect with another man? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

      • My dear soul, what you are enduring has your awakening showed you the choices you are making inside yourself to yourself? Is this your twin flame? The doubt of what this is, are you able to see yourself clearly in this choice? The turbulence of the relationship what was it exactly? Was trust broken? what fear enabled? were you able to share yourself completely was he? Did you hide? did he hide? what did the relationship in connection give you? When it ended what were you able to give yourself? Did you say somewhere inside this is why he won’t choose me.. then added something that just isn’t true? We have followed you for quite some time and you are awake, but are you still not seeing into the darkness of what this connection was saying to you about what you do to yourself? How many thoughts do you have that repeat since the kundalini awakening? The spark plug of the soul is alive but is the translation saying something else to you inside? As you go over these questions inside yourself is there any defense or offense that creates doubt or pain or suffering? As a being of light is there still darkness surrounding your being? Who would you be if you let him go completely and the thoughts that came along with what happened to you both? What would you become?

        Love deeply, Lee & Sherry

  1. Thank you for your insights that is deeply thought provoking. I intentionally asked you this question as I know you have been following my journey and know the history. I know that you will tell me the truth. Others have asked me about and can sense a darkness that surrounds me. Recently, I met a Kundalini yoga teacher who suggested that although we open ourselves in our spiritual practice, we should also protect ourselves. I always felt that the man I was connected to and the married woman he still is connected to both share the same kind of darkness and they perpetuate each others’ darkness. It is sad, but sometimes the truth is sad. Thanks again for your kind advice and concern. With much love to you both, Brooke

      • To heal this you must embrace the truth about the energy and the words that you told yourself then let go to embrace the inner child that no longer needs protection she needs you! Energy of those words keep you from the love in truth.. What do you tell yourself inside about that happening?

      • That I must let go completely, so that I can move forward on my spiritual journey. I actually have already begun to do this in my physical life. I believe the reason he let me go was because he saw the harm he caused me.

      • I’m sorry beautiful soul… Have you found your peace and the depth of all forgiveness. Or is this claiming to be even more jaded to unconditional love?

      • I am searching to understand how I can let go through forgiveness and unconditional love. As I try to let go, I am open to future possibilities with him if he seeks change in his life to let go of his darkness or to find another future without him. I have let go of my expectation recently to free myself of the pain and suffering. I hope to find some peace soon. Much love.

      • Why are you in the future my friend when all you ever have is the present moment? Can you trust what you think is a possibility? Can you trust that the pain you are feeling is something your mind creates by seeing into the future ignoring the present moment? Isn’t past or future giving you something you can’t resolve cause you only have now? In the pain in suffering are you reliving a moment or creating a moment that you see as something that happened to you and is still happening. When you place your hand over your heart and feel this deeply aren’t you clearly running from into the pain while abandoning the heart that beats that sustains you? how deep is your unconditional beating that has survived all of that you have endured and it is there giving you this love while your thinking it away? Do you embrace this way of being or the other?

        Love deeply, Lee

  2. I am in the present making plans for my career and other options for my life now. The future is only a problem if we have expectations or feel worry and/or anxiety. We can make plans for our life as that is our reality. I am not a dreamer, but a doer. I hope you understand me better now. Thanks for all your help! Blessings.

  3. But how can a person ever know how much they have hurt another. There are people who hurt others, but maybe don’t care or are not aware etc. Years later if they become more awake they might realise they have hurt others. These others could have suffered for years because there was no hug or deep sorry given at the time. That time can never be given back. Some people when they are awake trace back the main people they have hurt, even if it was decades ago, in order for some kind of mutual peace. Why? Because it is never ever too late for one heart to speak to another. Even if the hurt person has already healed, it is a human and loving and real thing to do. These days it’s all too easy to cause damage and walk away, because there is no-one to answer to. The person hurt may not be in a supportive family or network to help them bounce back and forgive, so the wound gets deeper.

    7 years ago a man hurt me. Prior to that we were very close. I was hurt for ages and never ever thought we would be in contact again. Yesterday out of the blue I got a facebook message. OK we didn’t dredge up the past! It was just a short conversation. But the fact that he even made a presence in my life again was a miracle. I made me feel valued. The point I am making is that even if it our own job to connect with our soul, it is also a job to bring that love into areas of our life that might have been damaged in the past. It will help to bring even deeper peace and it is never too late.

    Sometimes I read of this thing called karma, that if we hurt others it will come back to you someday. Personally I don’t know if that’s actually true, becuase there is a lot of damage done to people and many of the people causing this don’t seem to care or feel that they have any responsibility. It’s almost as if people believe there is a self-correcting mechanism, but it’s just not always true. Also, with society having less of an idea of standards, it’s easier to cause suffering onto others. We are led to ideas such as the hurt person will fix themselves etc…

    I ramble because the more I awake the more intolerable this seems to me…it is never ever too late to take personal action and show love, rather than just hope that time will automatically fix everything.


    • Oh my friend…. Karma does come back… with all that I did I was awake and I was healing, still am, it is being open to heal.. and that karma came back to me and I got to experience the pain of what I done by my twin. I endured it and I even realized it had everything to do with what we reap we sow.. Yet there was a deeper brilliant beautiful experience that I needed to embrace as well.. The pain of it was easier to see why the choices were made, why the hidden truth was hidden. Inside of each of us, if we can lie we will do the unthinkable… the unthinkable doesn’t have a conscious like we think, it creates it’s own unconsciousness that has an off switch to do almost anything, this is apparent of those that hurt others, that hurt themselves not even seeing the root of their pain. The remorse comes in the last few heartbeat that the heart experiences, for that is all that is heard in those moments and you realize what you had done. What if we did this to experience dying before you die and then realize the choices we make are really not as significant than the heart that has sustained us all along. This is what I found.. this is what we all can find! What would peace be if this happened to us all? It was a very humbling experience to no longer see the blame but to see the root of what causes everything to include how we destroy each other and destroy the planet that sustains us and it gives us messages in everything to include the weather, the way things are, joy arises from being human not in the thinking that creates the self but the nature in it to be human! Love deeply dear soul!

    • I feel it’s one of the biggest things we can ever do in our life is to reach out to the people we have hurt and speak to them directly, even if it was many, many years ago. And give them a heart felt sorry and understanding. Especially if at one point those people were close to each other. I am speaking generally here, not just twin flames.

      People can do many things in there busy lives, running here and there, reading spirituality books, getting a phD, running a business, doing yoga, but they don’t seem to be doing this very important thing.

      I can’t express how important this is. It’s about the process of cleaning up one’s life. Yes, you can be a new person and live differently from now on. But there still exists a trace of one’s life in the past, in which damage, disrespect and hurt was done to another human being. Big or small, it is a major thing to try and bring reparation to another human being. It takes a real person to be alive enough to know that this is something that needs to be done, needs to be corrected as a far as possible. I see this as real life.

      Human beings have life and are bursting with a huge life force. That force, by its nature wants to clean things up. All these chronic wounds that we carry just want to be cleaved of and repaired, and made beautiful with this wonderful energy of life. Yes, we sort out or own life, and that seems to be the ongoing emphasis in spiritual readings. But to be alive is also to know that other people are alive and that if we have caused them deep deep despair, then we can return to them and bring that darkness back to life. This can happen.

      That life force that we have brings things back to life.

      Many people are used to thinking that the past is the past and it’s OK to hurt somebody and move on, thinking that somehow magically everything will sort itself out. Maybe it does maybe it doesn’t. This way of thinking is like a lazy passivity. A layer of dirt which hangs over you. It gives out the big message for all to see that it is OK not to care. But really, all are opportunities to bring even the deepest of wounds into a balm of healing.

      That layer of dirt- don’t let it get too big. As I have said, one of the biggest things we can ever do is to make repair to people we have hurt in the past. I feel it as an emergency. Can’t you hear it?- that balm of healing just wants to take place.

      • Some people repair through prayer, meditation etc. All good, but don’t dare hide away, I’m talking about the real work of person to person.

      • When we repaired ourselves we did so by going into the story that was told others about ourselves and the story that gave us permission to hurt and hurt others. Without this going into the truth about healing was very skewed with I am healed. Healed sounds as though it is done.. where in fact it is a renewing of a pain that is still waiting to be activated again. The story my friend, the story is the ego’s identification with all the fire power it needs to keep us from the truth and from showing true love!

      • The way to remove ones lies is to stand in the truth. Do I accept myself will always be a powerful way to stand in the truth, for anything that you say that becomes a lie will be caught by the watcher in you that says I AM is responsible for the causes that I stand for that say I don’t accept myself. Removing the layers of the onion is always going to require some degree of pain and a whole lot of the truth. Any past or future is not going to be something you can get back. The present moment and your sense of self in it is all that is required to no longer hurt yourself or others!

  4. How I can get rid of this connection? I want to live my life. I can’t block this person, it’s impossible. All blocks last couple seconds. I can feel everything what he feels, more over, when he was sick I had kind of sick voice. People, I want my life back

  5. Dear Brook, Lee and Sherry, tears on my cheeks reading your question/answer thing. So I guess it was time for me to do such a session as well. Wow, it gave me some new insights on an old thing I thought I had pelt off before…thank you for sharing!!

  6. great issues altogether, you simply gained a new reader. What might
    you suggest in regards to your submit that you just made
    some days ago? Any positive?

  7. Currently in a tf separation…..coming up to 5 months….and nothing I do makes the connection lesser. I feel stuck and I dont want to be. Its changed me in so many ways but I’m not sure if its for the better. Maybe only time will tell? I’m looking for clarity but there seems to be none forthcoming…..I just wish I knew what to do!?! Tired and in pain!

      • Anything I can. I’m handling it better but it still hurts. Try not to think about it at all….but when his name pops up or i see the number 111… just reminds me of him.

      • I’m usually running from it….

        Contacted him on fb yday….i said hi and he replied back with a hello…..neither person took the conversation further.

        I took a step towards him because i wanted to make sure that i wasnt the runner. I was the one who cut off all contact and blocked communications…..and i was also the one who said ‘i love you’.

  8. so you said I love you and then blocked and cut off contact where did you experience love in that way? This is what needs to be placed into healing and realized he wants to know he can trust what is said does that make sense dear soul?

    • I said “I love you” at least a month before blocking contact, so I dont think thats made him not trust me. He didnt have any response when I told him that.

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